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  • Stuff about yourself

    just to get to know some of the community a little better.
    Kinda like an intro, but not? The fact the profiles here don't contain a BIO section is kinda annoying.

    Stewart's the name. Abandonment // SaviourFOX // Hypothetical
    Been gaming since 2007, on the PS3.
    COD is my game, and i'm above average player! combining both intelligent tactical thinking and gun skill.

    I was the former EU MW2 PS3 Division Leader.

    22 years of age, i'm half scottish half philipino on my mums side. Although, i would consider myself fully scottish, born and bred. I study History at Dundee University and live in dundee on my own.

    I like to think i'm real easy to approach and get on with. I find most things funny, and really laid back about everything :]

    alright, i guess that'll do?

    PEACE xx
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    Re: Stuff about yourself

    let's see here im an H2O in the Combat arms division, just became an H2O last night actually lol. I play combat arms and world of warcraft on the PC, and MW2 on the 360.

    lol um im white? i think haha.

    21, i go to college, majoring in Criminal investigation to become an homicide detective =P, i like to kick it with my friends and party, my favorite sport is beeeer pong ya dig? i also play soccer at the school i attend, i have played soccer since i was 6 years old. im pretty entertaining, those who talk to me on a regular basis on here would more then likely vouche me on that. i love to talk period haha. i love my hair as well, touch it and suffer ; )

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      Re: Stuff about yourself

      I joined PMS about two weeks after my b-day. I was in a clan prior to joining, PSA, but left cause I was the only chick there, lol. Happy I found this place I'm in the MW2 PMS Division for the PS3.

      I'm from Canada, and I love my hometown. I plan on living here till I can't hold a PS3 remote anymore because this is where all my friends and family are <3.
      I've been playing videogames since I can remember. I remember my older cousins had an Atari and I think that's one of the first things I ever played. My mom and dad eventually bought me a Nintendo, and I have been gaming ever since. I've owned a Gameboy that I recall playing obsessively, a Game Gear, Sega Genesis, a Super NES, a PS1, and PS2, and currently own a PS3 I am also debating whether to buy an Xbox or not.

      Hmm...other than playing PS3, I write in my spare time. I play keyboard, and guitar. I dig various styles of music. I watch a lot of movies with zombies, werewolves, vampires, swords, and guns. I also dig a lot of sci-fi. Am I a Geek? Yes, I consider myself to be and I don't really care. I'll have more time to do all of those things once I finish work next week and go on a well deserved break for awhile. I work with kids.

      And um, I think that's all folks!
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        Re: Stuff about yourself

        MY TURN!

        Okay so, obviously, my name's Tiffany lol. I live in United States of EEEEEEEmerica, in a little town in Ohio. I'm 20 yrs of age and i have 2 kids. I'm still with their dad. We've been together for about 6 yrs.
        I love rock and roll. Metal. And alllll kinds of music really. I listen to everything. Uhmmm.. hmmm. I have 2 tattoo's. One on my shoulder of 3 flowers, and one on my wrist of a heart with headphones and a music note, to represent my love of music.
        I love singing. I used to chase a music career until i had kids, and then dropped everything for them. They're my world.. and i dunno what i'd do without them.
        I play MW2. That's it lol. I dont even own another game honestly. Its the only game i own. Even though its getting kinda boring to play, but i've met a lot of awesome people through this game, which is mainly why i still play it! Ha. Sooo uhmmm.... yeah.. i think thats good enough. lmao
        Much love to H2O Villain. I miss you already <3 Be safe
        Big Sis <3 to AubieGirl. Little sis <3 to Fullcoll!:mvsuprisehug:


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          Re: Stuff about yourself

          My name is Lance and I live in Florida.I'm 15 and hating high school right now but when I get out I hope to have a career as either a pilot or designing Video Games.I have an Xbox 360,A DS Lite,A PS2,and A gameboy advanced.I have been playing video games since I can remeber:I started on my aunt's NES and my grandmas Sega.I have also had a Nintendo 64,an original Xbox,original DS,and a gameboy SP.I love to hang out with my friends and I'm on my computer almost 24/7.Besides being a total nerd I love music and animals.

          That's pretty much it

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            Re: Stuff about yourself

            Well, I'm Heather, I'm 22 going on 40, at least that's how it feels. I'm in recruitment for PMS Halo division, really excited about that, and the majority of my friends think i'm pathetically nerdy for it, but hey, its what I do, they can just get over it.

            I'm going to school to be an investigator, that's like my goal in life, i'm doing my independent study in forensics in the field of behavior analysis. Besides that, I think I have too much I want to do with my life. I want to be a professional photographer, a writer, a club owner, wedding designer, and professional gamer. Lots of things I want to do!

            I like to make new friends, I like to hang out with friends, I have a strange obsession with books and movies, considering that's the majority of what I spend my money on, and I've re-ignited the flame of love I once had for cooking. Flame, cooking.. ha! I tend to make only myself laugh, but i'm an only child, so I had to learn to entertain myself, what can I say.

            Always up for FR's, gaming, just add me, let me know what's goin on and it'll happen!

            Thank you PMS Cassikins for the Sig!
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              Re: Stuff about yourself

              Hello, I'm Lisa. I'm going through my recruitment for PMS MW2 Division on PS3. I'm 26. Living in a small town in Missouri. I am a big mutt Chinese/Filipino/white/German (my husband says I cancel myself out, LOL) I have been married to my husband for a little over 8 years, I got married young but I don't regret it one bit. He is also going through recruitment for H2O We have to share a PS3 for the time being which turns ugly sometimes but plan on buying a new one soon for the sake of our marriage JK, haha.

              No kids just 2 dogs a Bulldog named King Kong and a Little Chihuahua called Candi. Hopefully a kid or 2 in the future. I don't work I just stay home and game, I'm gonna sign up for college soon, maybe for nursing. Something in the medical field. I love any kind of music. Love watching movies. I miss living by the beach I was raised as a military brat and have lived all overseas. Okinawa, Japan was my favorite.

              I am hooked on MW2 even though it annoys me to no end, I don't think it's really the game it's the ppl that play but either way. I remember playing Legend of Zelda: Orcarina of Time back in High School. That was my game. Well I think that's it. If you want you can add me my PSN is Azn_ButterfIy (it's a capital I, not an l)
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                Re: Stuff about yourself

                awesome! Hope to catch you sometime on MW2 then! I'm half filipino! :] Who's your husband btw?


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                  Re: Stuff about yourself

                  Originally posted by H2O CptDownie View Post
                  awesome! Hope to catch you sometime on MW2 then! I'm half filipino! :] Who's your husband btw?
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                    Re: Stuff about yourself

                    my name is Kafhoua (yes, i know it's hard to pronouce for you..) and i live in Wisconsin. i've been a PMS member for a year. i am a 20 (21 on Sept 17) year old Hmong (Asian)... ._. college stuff are driving me insane! @[email protected] i've been gaming for 5 years, Halo PC got me into it. games i mostly play are Counter-Strike: Source, Day of Defeat: Source, and Trickster Online....i have Team Fortress 2 and my computer cant handle it...i seriously love that game.. T__T

                    my favorite Anime is Axis Powers Hetalia, i'm totally obsessed with it... @[email protected]
                    i got the name Shinigami from Bleach, not Death Note because i like Bleach and only saw couple episodes of Death Note but whatever.. >.> and i dont really mind being called Shenanigan. o_0

                    edit: i dont have XBL.
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                      Re: Stuff about yourself

                      Well since I am a H20 recruit for the MW2 division on the PS3, this is a great thread to get to know more people in the clan and community. Well if I am gonna do this I might as well go big.

                      I am one of the older members of the community from what I have read on profiles..I'm 33. I don't look it at all. Honestly many people think I am around 23 years old..which really sucks on many levels. I have been gaming since I was a little kid with the Atari2600. I am originally from Bridgeport, CT, and lived 1/2 my life there and the other half in Central Florida where I live now. I love tatoos(5) and piercing(4) and looking to get more ink. Music means a lot to me. I love to sing..whether it be in bands or Karaoke, I love it. I love a wide variety of music..yes even country. I love horror movies and Stephen King Books also. I have 2 degrees in 2 totally different fields. I have a Bookkeeping Degree and I am also a certified Travel Professional. I had some really fun jobs over my years that had nothing to do with what I went to school for.. DJing and bouncing at adult clubs probably was the most fun out of them all. In the future I will be going to school to become a Network Administrator. Of course there are many steps to this so I will first become a PC Repair Tech and then so on and so forth. I have been dealing with a back injury for awhile now and I am actually doing a lot better and on my way back to where I was before the injury.

                      I am looking to getting to know everyone on the MW2 division so feel free to add me, just let me know who you are please. Also if you are an H20/PMS and you have a PS3 but dont have MW2 its kool. I also have Lost Planet 2, Super Street fighter 4, BFBC2, MAG and Little Big Planet.

                      Oh yes I can't forget to add this. I am a die hard New England Patriots fan. =)
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                        Re: Stuff about yourself

                        My Turn!

                        Im never really on here now, but Im Gemma, 24 originally from Carnoustie, Scotland but I live in Hastings [reasons of which I will explain later]

                        I joined PMS in 2008 in the now defunct Halo 3 EU Division and switched to Call of Duty 4 when they disbanded. I was Divisional Leader during the switch over to MW2 for around 6 months and went casual as I prepared for my move 600 miles to the South of England.

                        The reason for the move? I met my wonderful Fiance through PMS|H2O and now live with him

                        Nothing else much to say, if you want to know anything else, just ask.

                        Much love to my fiancé and H2O DJ Drewman H2O <3
                        Hugs to my Little Sister and fellow Carnoustonian PMS Calaes
                        PMS/H2O CoD Division Leader EU 360 [2008 - 2010]


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                          Re: Stuff about yourself

                          Oooh oh oh me next! =D

                          My name's Andrew, I'm 20 years old, and I live in Ontario, Canada. I've been in the clan for about 2 years now and I'm currently a Co-Leader in the Co-ed PMS|H2O MAG Division on PS3. I started out in CoD4 (Shoutouts to Blood_ThirsT H2O, GoldenEye H2O, H2O Kuro, H2O Noctis, and AngieFaSho PMS). I was a CoD4 Practice Captain, then I moved over to, and lead the PMS|H2O Killzone 2 Division, which unfortunately kind of died when MW2 released. (Not really surprised :C)

                          Um, I've been gaming since I was a babeh.. xD started on NES, then I had a Sega Genesis, a Nintendo 64, PS1, PS2, and now muh PS3 <3. I'm also a musician. I play guitar, bass, and a few percussion instruments. I love all music, but lately I've been listening to Metal, Rap, and a bit of K-Pop.

                          I'm pretty approachable and easy to get along with. I've been told I'm really energetic when I play online. I'm more down to earth when I'm not gaming.

                          Uh.. yea o_o Hi. =D
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                            Re: Stuff about yourself

                            my name is HG (stands for Herbert George) and I'm about to turn 18 in a few days. I live in Wilton, CT and can't wait to leave this snobbish oasis of "manners" and "decency". I'm only a recruit but hopefully I'll make it into the Rhythm 360 division as an expert drummer. I'm a GFX artist; I've been working with Photoshop CS2 for around 5 years and never upgraded. I'm also an honor student, taking Honors Physics and math for my senior year of high school and need to start thinking of colleges (ugh).

                            music is a big part of my life. Mike Portnoy, Trent Reznor, Steven Wilson, and Mikael Åkerfeldt are only a few of the musicians I listen to, but they all helped me get through tough times (school is almost unbearable due to my Autism)

                            that's me, not much to talk about, guess I'm just too young for any crazy stories.

                            If you'd like a sig like this one ^^^ post in My Sig Shop and I'll be happy to make you one.
                            RB3 Expert Pro Drummer. Ranked 3rd on RB3 Leaderboards. message me on XBL if you want to play.
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                              Re: Stuff about yourself

                              Hi im Piczel, my friends call me Chris.

                              I am awesome.. I think that sums me up.

                              "PEACE YA'LL"

                              WMJ + CJE = 831