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~Official PMS Code of Conduct~UPDATE 1/29/09

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  • ~Official PMS Code of Conduct~UPDATE 1/29/09

    Official Forum Code of conduct

    Ok, this will be your resource for how to behave at our forums. I’ll also include some of our favorite links and a resource of sigs in order to show your love for PMS and H20. Just look below for those or click the highlighted words above.


    Choosing a name~ Do not make a name with H20 or PMS as your tag unless you are a current and active PMS. We don’t care if you already made your gamertag that way, we can’t control that, although we don’t like that either. If you are a current recruit registering please do not make a forum name with H20 or PMS unless you have completed and passed the recruitment process. If you register with a H20 or PMS tag it will be removed. If this is currently the case, PM an Admin or leader to have it changed until your recruitment is completed.

    When choosing a name make sure it’s more then one letter, that right has only been reserved to e our personal Xbox Live guy. However, if you MUST have one letter please contact an Admin and we’d love to hear the reason why. If it’s good we might change it.

    Also we’ll most likely delete any new forum names like the following:

    • Your first and last name or any part of your address
    • name using .com or advertising a product)
    • I hate (Insert forum member name)
    • PMS (insert expletive)
    • Pfsdfsdfsd (a bunch of random letters)
    • 1245(a bunch of random numbers)
    • Anything highly sexual or inappropriate for a forum name such as sexual organs or terms.
    • and many more imaginative and colorful names.

    If you currently have a name like this we will ask you to change it. If it’s the same as your gamertag and you would like to keep it for that reason please contact us and we could probably work something out.

    Valid and active forum members and PMS/H20 members usually do not have forum names like this. Usually people who make names like those above register on our forums for the sole purpose of advertising/trolling/spamming/bashing our clan, forum members, or other clans, which is why those names are usually monitored and/or promptly deleted or banned. Creativity is fine, but please use common sense if you want to be a part of our community and choose a legitimate sounding name.

    Account sharing/multiple users and one computer~By no means can you share an account with another individual. No matter if they are your mom, sister, dad, brother, girlfriend, boyfriend, so on. You need to register for your own account with your own password and your own active and valid email address.

    If you share one computer with family members or your boyfriend/girlfriend so on and both have separate accounts on, you need to PM an Admin, Mod, or PMS Leader as soon as you register and make this known to them. We are now actively checking for multiple accounts and if we find several names under one IP, you have no guarantee that we won't delete one of the accounts if you do not notify us.

    *Also, due to the nature of the forums and the sensitive content on it (as well as your own privacy), when using a public computer you MUST make sure to log out after visiting the pages. Also when logging in, please do not check the ‘Remember Me’ box, as it will disable an automatic timeout after a period of no connection to the forums. Forgetting to do this is the equivalent of giving out your password and will be treated as such.

    No Password sharing~This is a big one, which is why it’s underlined, bolded, AND red, just like the one above. We sometimes share important information in our private forums and that info needs to stay there. So by no means should a PMS or H20 betray their fellow clan mates by sharing their password with anyone. No one should do this. This includes PMS sharing passwords with other PMS, H20’s sharing their password with other H20’s, PMS sharing their password with H20’s, H20’s sharing their password with PMS, or PMS/H20 sharing their password with PMS Community members. You get the picture. You will not pass go and collect anything with this one, you WILL go directly to jail, and leaders will decide your fate on a case by case bases, including and up to possible removal from the clan.

    *Please note, no Administrator or PMS staff will EVER ask for your password. All requests along those lines should be directly ignored and the administrative staff should be contacted immediately.

    Advertising~Please read the following about advertising on the forums: Advertisers: Read First

    It is not allowed without permission from our clan leaders Athena and Athena Twin. If you’re not certain about something you want to post it’s best to contact an Admin about it first.

    Interviews~If you would like to request in interview please contact our PMS PR staff listed here: Forum Leaders

    Any email, print, radio, phone, or interview held over Xbox Live or Playstion Online,
    about PMS Clan, or using the PMS tag, or PMS Clan images, will now need to be reviewed by Athena Twin PMS, or Gypsyfly PMS before being submitted or published. Individual PMS members can still be interviewed, but said interview MUST be reviewed and approved by those mentioned above.

    Multiple accounts~ Each registered user is only allowed one account at a time. The only exception is if an Admin has a temporary testing account. If you register multiple accounts, you will be messaged and we will ask you which account you would like to keep. One will be removed. If you continue to make multiple accounts you will be subject to a temporary banning, then a permanent ban from the forums.

    *ANY attempt to circumvent a punishment / probation status by creating a new account is strictly prohibited and will result in a permanent IP ban for the user involved

    If you simply want a name change please contact an administrator and we can help you with that. If you forget your password, the forum has a built in password recovery system, please utilize that. In the extremely rare event the password recovery system does not work, contact an administrator for assistance.

    Introductions~ If this is your first time here, or registering for the second time, please introduce yourself here: "Spotlight". It’s not a requirement but it’s a nice way to break the ice and swap gamertags.

    Keep it one thread per person in this section please, any attempts at re-introductions are subject to immediate removal or they will just be merged with your old introductions.

    Here are a few of my favorite intros so far:

    *Loki13: I love his hyper intro. And look at all those smilies.

    *Genghis Is My Homeboy: Great forum name, great post title, all around great intro.

    *SkywalkerI think "Rats Behind" did it for me.

    *HateMaker: She had me at Stephan King. If you haven't read the Dark Tower series yet...please do, before the graphic novels are released!

    *DrunkenChocobo: Don't you just love your drunken chocobo's...I know I do!

    *Hot Chief: You can't help but fall in love with Hot Chief!

    *wizard: Wizard is on a secret mission to find illegal activies...he will find no such thing on these no mind to ICantLoses' crack reference. Which btw, is a no no from now on.

    *PhogHawk: Very nice intro, very nice "youngster".

    *dreallink: I'm also a member of the Playstation Gamer Advisery Panel...1 year and 39 weeks!

    *imm0rt41: You sur have purty car.

    *PMS Athena Twin: Clan leader, Renaissance woman, friend, gamer. One smooth lady. 'Nuff said.

    *PMS PiRaTe: Pirates are really popular this year...wonder why?

    *MoNk3y Fr3aK92: Utilizes the awesome posting tools we have. All of them, and it looks very cute.

    *PMS NOTSTUPID: I'm gonna let the spelling thing go, cause you sound like a funny lady and I like the name.

    *PMS Nightwish: One of our oldest PMS members and she's darn proud of it. And we love our favorite lady in a kilt.

    *Taza: I thought my family background was unique!

    *Nokarot:UUUUUUhhhhhhhhhh I would like to intruduce you to UUUUUUUUUUhhhhhhhhhhhh.

    *r33hash: The groom in our first online PMS wedding back in the day. Watch the calender for dates of the wedding renewal celebration!

    *GangsterPanda: As Samuel L. Jackson would say...actually I can't post that, but I'll just say he's one cool dude.

    *Hatori Hanzo: We've all been cut pretty bad in this clan...and I just wanna say the cutting needs to stop...however cross my friends or family and the SamuriCheese WILL CUT YOU!

    *Stratford PMS: Old school PMS chicky, funny girl, and super pro gaymer.

    *sagaciouz PMS: One Cool Canadian Cucumber. I just added that last one cause of the alliteration. One of my favorite PMS girls<3

    *SpartanSloth:She lives in Maine....Stephan King country...lucky girl.

    *PMS Fedaykin:ZOMG...YOU'RE COOL!

    *Edx: Funny funny man and my H20.


    Repeated posts~ We have a search feature in the forums. Please use it. Any repeated posts will be merged or removed. We have a search feature in the forums. Please use it. Any repeated posts will be merged or removed. We have a search feature in the forums. Please use it. Any repeated posts will be merged or removed……Sometimes mistakes happen when merging we won't promise they'll turn out ok.

    Reread~ Please go throw you're posts and check for spelling and grammer. We have a spellchecker in the post window. However if you used Firefox, you won’t be abl to see it. Their are several fre spellcheck pluginss available fer Firefox, or you can download Firefox 2(It's in beta until later this year, but will have a built in spellcheck feature in the browser) You can also find a few free spellcheckers on the internets. Download. Reuse as disird. Also, don’t right angry. Not a good idea. If your post is completely unreadable, Administrators and Moderators reserve the right to make the unreadable readable and we won’t promise that everything will translate as originally intended or even into English. ¿Comprende?

    Language~Please watch what you say here. And in no way do we tolerate the word "rape". Please don't say it in the gaming sense that we all are familiar with.

    The PMS Clan and the H20 Clan have NO tolerance for this word in the forums, during gaming events, or online public or private matches. Your post will be edited or removed completely.

    Athena Twin PMS has given all PMS and H20 an alternate word to use at events and so on if you really want to exclaim your excitment. If you can't think of anything else to say, just use the word "Grape", people will know what you mean, especially in the PMS|H20 community, and because Twin thought of it, it has became least to us.

    You probably already have a good idea what curse words are not permitted…basically ALL of them. This forum is rated E for everyone including Mom, Dad, Grandpa George, Grandma Georgina, Uncle Pullmyfinger, and so on. Although we sometimes play mature games, this community will be open for everyone of all ages and cultures. We understand that some words have different meanings in different countries. What might have a negative connotation (meaning) in America may have a positive connotation in England and so on. The best course is to try using another word if you are not sure.

    Do not go around the word filter by d**** th*s. Just because a word you typed a certain way isn’t blocked by our censors doesn’t mean you can post it or should post it. Use your @**&0%!3 common sense.


    Private Info~Please do not share your phone number, address, social security number, credit card number or any other personal info anywhere on the forums or in PM. If anyone, besides Athena, Athena Twin, Cella, or I ask you for that please inform an Admin or Mod immediately.

    During marketing events or gaming events such as Digital Life, CES, and so on, personal info will be taken by the above people if you are working an event for PMS or H20. You should be aware exactly what personal information will be used for and do not hesitate to contact an administrator personally to understand exactly what information is needed and why.

    If a PMS Leader leader asks you for personal info for an event, other then your phone number or email for reference, contact an Admin for confirmation that this has been approved.

    Also please do not share others private information anywhere on the forums as well.

    Only phone numbers, IMs, or emails may be posted in the private forums for reference purposes.

    Posting Pictures~No posting nude or semi-nude pictures. Nothing overtly gory or bloody. No sexually suggestive poses. Nothing suggesting suicide or “cutting”. No pictures showing illegal drug, racist, or sexist activities. No pictures showing obscene gestures or gang signs.

    False Information~Do not impersonate a PMS or H20 if you are not one. Do not impersonate other forum members or pretend to be anyone other then YOU. You can leave your gender undisclosed, however you CANNOT claim to be female if you are male or claim to be male if you are female. Do not falsify your age as well. Providing false info is subject to removal from the clan if you are a clan member or banning from the forums if you are a forum member.

    Posting Personal Information~Please do not post a thread/post about the death of any forum member, or their relatives, or if you have had a tragedy in the family. Please, speak to an Admin or PMS|H20 Leader first. They will talk to you and make sure a false story isn't being posted on the forums. We are now going to look out for anything like this and will be removing any story that has not been reviewed by an Admin or leader. Unfortunately, we have already had a situation were another member lied about the death of a longtime member to our forums. Naturally we want to prevent anything like this again.

    Asking for donations~The only thread that will be approved are those asking for personal sponsorships for gaming competitions and for those asking for donations to buy a condolence gift for another member. These will be allowed to be posted only after being reviewed and verified by an Admin or PMS|H20 Leader. The only threads that will be stickied are those pertaining to current active PMS|H20 members, again only through approval by an Admin or Leader. Remember, even though we allow these threads and verify them to a certain extent, we are in no way responsible for any damages incurred because of money you donated or any sponsorship you are responsible for. So please review everything carefully, before you donate.

    If you are asking for a donation for a condolence gift or a personal sponsorship, please be aware that we are not responsible for any promised donations. If someone does not follow through with a promised donation or sponsorship we don't have the right or power to force them to donate. Please do not make threads harassing or embarrassing that member as well, keep it to PM's or IM.

    Cheating~No posting your cheating, boosting, hacking, modding exploits anywhere on the forums. PMS has NO tolerance for cheating and cheaters so please keep it off our forums. Please do not share ways to cheat on a game if cheats are not enabled in that specific game, this is not the place for that.

    The specific definition of cheating is determined by the development team who produced the game. For example Bungie considers cheating any modification of the game in a way it was not designed to be played. Things like bridging ARE confirmed to be cheating by Bungie staff, and there is no debate on this subject.

    Posting links~If you are posting a link, or download from another site please make sure you have scanned the link or download introducefor viruses BEFORE you post it on the forums for others. You may save a lot of grief to other users by doing so.

    Any page linked to our site, especially those using the [*url] tag must be appropriate for the users of our forums. If you have a question about it, do not hesitate to contact an Admin or other staff.

    *You should not post links to negetive PMS/H20 threads saying, "PMS stinks" either. Please just send the link to an Admin, Mod, or PMS/H20 Leader. We'll send someone from PMS PR over to handle it. These are the people that represent us in public threads like this. If you would like to respond, that is your personal choice, but please mention that it is your own personal opinion and not the opinion of the clan as a whole.

    Big NO NO’s~Do not post, discuss, upload, or PM anything sexually explicit such as pornography or child pornography, anything obscene, anything having to do with illegal drugs and substances, or anything slanderous, sexist to either gender, anything having to do with suicide or mutilation, or anything gruesome.

    Bashing~We do not tolerate bashing other members or other clans in any way. If you have something personal with another member or clan please do not bring it to the forums, even in PM.

    If you have a grievance with a forum member or another clan mate, please do not post it publicly anywhere on the forums. Contact an Admin or PMS/H20 Leader and they can try to assist you in anyway possible to help settle the situation by serving as a mediator between you and the person you have a problem with.

    Clan disputes or personal information from other clans is not our business please do not bring it to our forums.
    Any threads or post bashing another member or clan will be removed.

    *Bashing consoles, developers or games is also not permitted, you can post your criticism but keep the hate to a limit please.

    No PMS LovelyLocks is Hot Threads or Polls~Please no threads or polls rating which PMS is hot/sexy or the “best” or which H20 is the best looking. Also, no threads saying said PMS/H20 can be found at the end of the ugly rainbow…please, that’s just insulting.

    No "Looking for a PMS girl" threads~Please do not make any threads begging for PMS or in turn if you are a PMS girl or PMS Recruit, threads looking for an H20 worthy person. Through time and friendship, they'll eventually find you. Alot of time people choose their best friends or family members that they know. No matter what you do you are not making situations easier if you make threads looking for a PMS/ please don not do it.

    However, if you are genuinely interested in H20 Clan recruitment post here: H20 Recruits. The H20 clan is currently being restructured so please give our H20 leaders time to work on that. Also make sure you check out Vballchick PMS's awesome thread that says it all: Stop "looking" for a PMS...Support Them!

    Piracy posting~Don’t do it. If you stole a game, movie, or music we don’t want to hear about it. Please don’t post about it on our forums or even in private PM. We’ll bank the thread/post and recommend some medical attention to help you find that missing common sense gene.

    Plagiarize/Stealing~Do not steal original words or images from others on the forum and try to claim if as your own. In the same light, do not plagiarize words or steal images from other people and post them in the Poems and prose, or sig section. Please give credit where it is due.

    Mark Spoilers~If you post anything about a movie, book, or game with spoiler information please mark the subject title of your thread or post with a Spoiler tag. Please don't ruin something for other people.

    Trolls and Spammers~Thank you. Thank you for helping me reduce my efficiency about 50% every time I sign on. Instead of making forum improvements or working on community or marketing projects. I get to clean up after your mess if another Mod hasn’t cleaned it up. So because you care about us so much, we’ll show the same love back.
    PMS Trolls: Those that come to the forums for one reason and one reason only; to profess their undying love to all things PMS and H20 in poems, song lyrics, and prose. They are rare, but can sometimes be spotted at night or after special events.
    Internet Trolls: Outside of the PMS forums, Trolls are the internets equivalent to that angry resentful relative that just doesn’t want to leave your house and decides to throw and break things instead.
    Mythic Troll: According to

    “A troll is a fearsome member of a mythical anthropomorph race from Scandinavian folklore. Their role ranges from fiendish giants – similar to the ogres of English fairy tales – to a devious, more human-like folk of the wilderness, living underground in hills or mounds”

    The PMS Troll Myth:

    If an Internet Troll, manages to register and start hurling their lovely insults at us, they are instantly turned into PMS Trolls. Those hateful words are then turned into the magic Trolls are known for. Their words are turned into words of love to PMS and H20. Unlike Mythic Trolls, our PMS Trolls are gentle creatures. They can only survive one public declaration of their love before the magic becomes too much for them and they disappear in a poof of disco fog. So if you see one make sure to let us know…we wouldn’t want to miss them.

    Spammers~Spammers can be seen everywhere, so they are not as sought-after as PMS Trolls. Spammers elicit the opposite effect. They are laughed at and reported to Administrators and Moderators. We shouldn’t laugh at them; those who post in the wrong forums purposely and repeatedly are immature and need our help in learning the fine art of social interaction. Below is an overview of each forum if you are one of our Spammers in need of assistance. PM an Admin if you are still having trouble finding the right forum. If anything we’ll most likely contact you first.

    Appropriate Forums~ Please post in the right forum for the post you are making. There is a description under each forum title. We reserve the right to move any post to the appropriate forum. And so there is no excuse, here is a little overview of what goes where:

    News and Announcements:
    Only for official PMS news and announcements about special events or clan related news.

    General Forums:
    =Mature conversations about political or important events.
    =Conversations about your travels or events you have attended.
    =Sharing personal creative projects that you have made or have found, such as video games, peripherals, pretty much anything that doesn’t fit in poems, movies, music, or sigs and graphics.
    =Relevant questions to the PMS/H20 community that cannot really be PM’d or do not fit in Sigs and Graphics, Suggestions, or any other forum basically.

    Video Games:
    Anything Xbox, Sony, Nintendo, or Casual game related.


    This is where you get to show off your ego without getting flamed…well, if you go overboard you may get flamed…actually it more like a gentle sauté over a really expensive pan. Easy clean up for an Admin

    Anything Goes:

    Basically, if you like to cook with Spam this is where the smell goes. Just kidding, spam is ok. Anyway just because spam goes here does not mean this forum is not monitored, so please act accordingly. Jokes, pictures, poems, prose, movies, TV and entertainment news, and Birthday/holiday salutations and wishes also go here.

    The reason poems, prose, movies, TV and entertainment are not counted towards your post count is because it's too easy for it to turn into spam. BTW, post count shouldn't even matter so please stop making threads about it.

    H20 and PMS Rights:

    This is a temporary forum for current PMS/H20 who need their rights back to the new forums.

    This section is not for those interested in joining the PMS Clan or H20 Clan. You can post in the recruitment section here: PMS Recruitment.

    If you are a current PMS Recruit you need to wait till you complete your recruitment until you receive rights to the private forums, rights to choose an H20, and make a gamertag with a PMS tag.

    Sigs and Graphics:

    If you want to share your graphics, sigs, and avatars or request a sig or avatar from some of the best siggy and avatar makers.

    Sig of the Week:

    Vote for your favorite sig of the week.

    The Mod for Sigs and Graphics and SOTW is Vinx. Please contact him if you have any questions about that section or contact an Admin.

    Tech Issues:

    If you have questions about your software such as Photoshop, Dreamweaver or questions about computers, your Xbox, PS2, Nintendo, pretty much anything techy post here.

    Suggestions & Feedback:

    If you have any suggestions or questions about the site please talk to us at Suggestions and Feedback.


    If you would like to join any of our PMS or H20 divisions post here. In this section posting and replying is reserved only for those the sections pertain to in order to reduce spam and giving possible recruits incorrect information.


    Only leaders, Admins, and Mods can post info in the "Recruitment Information" sections.

    Only Admins, Mods, PMS Leaders, PMS Girls, and registered users (those looking to join PMS) can post in the Halo 2 or GRAW section.

    So basically, this section is only to look for recruitment info, to express your interest in being a recruit, and for Leaders and for PMS in their division to help answer your questions. However, all, except those banned obviously, can still view this section.

    Momma T is the PMS Recruitment Leader and the Mod in the recruitment section.
    There is also a Temporary H20 Recruitment section if you are interested in joining the H20’s here: H20 Recruits

    Souls, Rip and Vinx are the Mods in this section.

    Challenge Us:

    Friendly or competitive challenges to PMS/H20 or our community members.

    There are rules posted in each section, please read them.

    H20 Announcements:

    Announcements for the H20 community or those looking to join. Only H20 Leaders and PMS Leaders are allowed to post here.

    There are many other forums that are invisible to regular members and are not visible to you until you join PMS or H20.

    Our leaders should know when a thread should be moved to those areas or to the Bank where offensive, duplicate, or threads that are requested to be moved are relocated.

    Warning System

    This is our warning system for violating any of the rules posted in this Code of Conduct or any rules posted in the forums:

    1st Offense: Warning

    2nd Offense:
    One more warning, and your thread is moved to the bank and all admins/mods are made aware that you are on 2nd offense.

    3rd Offense: Temporary ban from the forums, time limit is set to the admins/mods discretion based on the offense.

    If after the temp ban you continue to spam, troll, or violate any of the posted rules here or anywhere on our forums, our PMS Leaders, Admins, and/or Mods will vote on a permanent ban with the offender being allowed to state their case in person, through proxy (someone speaking for the offender), or in writing at the discretion of the leaders/mods/admins.

    *You can also be banned for one specific thread or a specific forum. For example if you ask for more then one sig in the sig request forum, the sig artist will find it rude and will request an admin to ban you from their thread or the whole forum.

    Or if you spam one section particularly, you can be banned from that forum.

    *Some of the Code of Conduct rules have specific underlined sections that you also want to note.

    We reserve the right to remove or edit any post, picture, profile, link, or attachment, without notice to the poster.
    We also have the right to ban or delete any user without prior notification. Removal from the clan is a separate matter and does require notification by a leader, a meeting, and a follow-up as posted in the PMS Handbook. We also have the right to contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider) if any illegal harassment or abuse is suspected.

    If you download materials or click a link on our forums with a virus, PMS is not responsible for any damages incurred.

    We reserve the right to change, remove, or add to any of these and all posted rules on these forums without notice.

    Avatars & Sigs

    Avatar: When choosing an avatar please follow the posting guidelines above as far as the type of picture you can post.

    *1 avatar no bigger then 100 by 100 pixels or 19.5 KB (whichever is smaller).

    Sigs: When choosing an signature please follow the posting guidelines above as far as the type of picture you can post.

    This is the max you can include in the sum of your signature at one time:

    1) 1 signature no bigger then 500 x 150 pixels and can not exceed 750kb exactly.


    Created for me by Ivy back on the orginal forums.

    2) 1 small gamercard/stat card or userbar no bigger then 350 x 25 pixels or appears that size. If you have an Xbox 360 Gamercard it can now be put into your profile. Only Xfire gamercards will be allowed in your sig, although you can add those in your profile as well, they are only viewable by actually going into someone's profile. Please limit all userbars to one. If you want to use 3 usebars instead of a sig, that's fine.


    Curtesy of


    3) No more then 3 small sticky items such as 3 Easter eggs or 3 small gifs.



    4) Total of 4 lines of text. You can now add 4 lines of text instead of 1. Please don't abuse that by adding a paragraph under your sigs. Admins/Mods will be enforcing this rule from now on.


    Myspace|1up|PMS Clan|Ninja's

    Please be considerate to your fellow forum members as far as sigs. It looks terrible when a screen is stretched or takes forever to load because of your signature. We’ve given you some leeway in allowing so much in a sig, more so then many other forums, so please take that in mind. This can always be changed if the privilege is abused.

    Forum Terms:

    PM (Personal Message): Many times you will hear someone say something about PM’s. PM’s are basically your personal message space where you get to send mail within our forum. It’s located within your control panel on the top screen. If you ever need help with any aspect of the forums ask in our Suggestion and Feedback section or send a message to an Admin. For more help with the site you can also take a look at our VBulletin FAQ.

    The Bank: The Bank is where Admins and Mods dump removed threads that were deemed inappropriate or duplicate threads. Basically where we dump our trash and save it in case we need to reference it for any reason.

    User CP (Control Panel):
    This is where all your forum tools are located including your personal messages. This is located above your screen. Here you can edit your profile, add or change your sig, profile picture, or avatar.

    Sig: A forum signature is a small image or a line of text attached to the bottom of your posts. It’s used as a way to express your interests, your art, and sometimes for (approved) advertising.

    Avatar: An avatar is a small boxed image usually located below your name in a post, and basically represents you. This can be a picture of yourself, or a character you really like, or an image that matches your sig, and so on.

    Sticky Threads: Threads that have been "stuck" or "pinnied" are threads that always appear above the rest of the threads and never leave that position unless they are unstuck. These threads usually contain rules or important or relevent information for all forum members.

    Admins(Administrators) Admins basically control all aspects of the forums such as name and profile changes, bans, and forum redesigns. The current Admins, Mods and other forum leaders can be viewed here: Forum Leaders

    Mods(Moderators): Mods are designated by Admins and are responsible for watching one or more forum sections. They can ban members, close, open, move or sticky threads. Our PMS and H20 Leaders also serve as Mods on these forums. So please make sure to respect each mod and any warning they give.

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    PMS & H2O...More than a name and what YOU make it!

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    Ventrilo and IRC


    We have left Team Speak and our Vent server will be used for meetings and community events. So please make sure to download it soon if you haven't already.

    You can download the client version by clicking "Ventrilo" above.

    Here is the info:


    If you are a PMS or H20 Clan member make sure to sign on with your PMS or H20 tag. If you are a forum member, please sign on with your forum member name.

    Thank You!


    Shaogie posted our IRC info here:

    Server Rules

    Our servers are open to all community members. Please make sure you follow the above posted rules when joining. Anyone that does not follow the above posted rules or causes any kind of disruption will be banned from the servers and the forums as well.

    Vent: If the leaders are conducting a meeting, please do not disturb them by joining that room. If you need a particular leader PM, email or IM that leader.
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    PMS & H2O...More than a name and what YOU make it!


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      Favorite Links

      Favorite Sites:

      These are some of our favorite sites. You’ll find many of our PMS and H20 members at these sites or actually working for/contributing to the following sites:

      Microsoft Xbox
      PMS and Microsoft
      Verizon FiOS Grand
      Ziff Davis 1up:
      Home to the official PMS and H20 profile blogs.

      PMS and H20 1up Club
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      If your a woman and your a gamer, join this great gaming community!
      Our very own Dangerdoll PMS, Batgirl PMS, and GXCori host the “GamerGirls” podcast.

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      These guys are amazing gamers and a group of very funny dudes!

      The Family 360
      A group of very respecteble gamers that you should check out!
      This group is working hard to keep kids off the streets and playing fun games. Through donations their trying to get kids to different MLG events around the country. Check out their new site, and help a great cause out! CliffyB is one of the sweetest and hardest working PMS out your thang boy!

      More to be added soon!

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