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    Good Evening,

    I'm the owner of OhSith LLC. We are a LLC that focuses on Gaming, Cosplay, apparel, and various other POP culture outlets. We Have the Dark Enforcers Clan and Network under our flagship. We sponsor unite and promote multiple clans. Personally I once led the Dark Enforcers (here referred to as DE). I am also the creator of DE. Currently we have been working on preserving Landmark clans. These include the DE itself, xD, and the Justice Force (a mmo clan). As gaming switches focus from clans to esports gaming we understand that PMS/H2O has a rich history. The DE does as well as we have played the PMS clan in official matches since Halo 2. PMS clan is a clan that needs to be preserved as gaming switches focus to esports and away from clans. That means clans like ours (DE and PMS), KSI, XGC, XGN etc will and have suffered significant drops in activity and membership. It is honestly a very sad situation but still a situation that needs to be addressed and acknowledged. We cannot play the ego, pride, or denial cards. So OhSith has decided to sponsor the Dark Enforcers Network. The network has become the last lighthouse and beacon for clans. It is a place to unite and share resources under the DE banner, the PMS rules, regulations, and everything else will stay intact. We would just like to bring you in under the DE Network banner to preserve the PMS Clan, and help it grow and continue to prosper. We need to work together, and hold onto the clans that have been around for a very longtime under this changing market. We cannot be like gamestop and other stubborn businesses and disacknowledge the changing landscape of gaming. We must change with it. I was referred to here to talk to "Ovaryacting PMS" and other members of PMS and H2O. We are better together than seperate. I understand this might not be a popular conversation but it is one all of our clans must have and honestly I would like to hear from everyone who agrees with me. We must acknowledge the problem and huge threat of the changing gaming landscape, and unite. The DE Network is the place to continue to thrive and we would like to help PMS/H2O throught OhSith's and DE's resources.

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    Hello, Hello.

    Im Ovaryacting. *waves*

    Considering the type of information here, our clan leaders CeeCee PMS and Vamp PMS are better suited for this conversation. They handle all matters of the clan business. I will forward this to them, be sure to check back.

    If you have any questions or anything feel free to let me know.

    Much love to H2O Camper & my clan sisters Jenga PMS, Ardroxian Rayne PMS & PMS Morgana!


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      hey Ovary. I'm still here. Waiting in the shadows like Batman lol.