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Want to take part in a new study about women in gaming?

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  • Want to take part in a new study about women in gaming?

    Do you like to talk about gaming? Are you part of an all-female group like PMS Clan... or part of any other female-supportive online communities?

    I'm a lifelong gamer and I'm currently running a video-gaming study for Charles Sturt University Australia. I'm looking for a range of female gamers to interview about their experiences in gaming and online communities.

    If you're female, a gamer, and keen to contribute to a new piece of research - I'd love to chat with you!

    For details or if you have any questions at all, please DM: Ms_Livialu or email me: [email protected]

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    I love this idea and would love to read your conclusions when you have them. I am curious as to whether you are focusing on specific aspects of female gaming communities or no. I legitimately find research studies around games and gaming fascinating.


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      It's more of an exploratory study in to the practices and culture of female gaming communities and female-supportive online communities. I'm particularly interested in speaking to women gamers as many studies in the field of psychology are focused on young girls, boys and/or look at the female/male binary in a fairly basic way. This phase of research is all about speaking with other women who love gaming and who have sought out female groups for gaming. I'm also speaking with any female game developers or game bloggers who are interested in the role of women in gaming culture more broadly. Do message me if you're happy to add your voice to the discussion. I can arrange a phone chat anytime. And you'll be adding to science!