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  • Posting Opinion|Discussion Threads!

    I've seen an increase in threads about politics, war, the environment, science, religion, global issues and other important topics that deserve room on our forum.

    With that said please keep in mind that we do monitor such threads. We respect your right to post such threads and have open and mature discussions about varied topics, however as a privately owned company we have the right to remove or edit the content of such threads for any reason without prior notice.

    As a courtesy we typically do give notice by PM to the thread author if there is an issue with the thread or we may close a thread after posting a notice of why it was closed.

    Please understand we have thousands of visitors registered and not registered as well as a large member base. We want to be welcoming and open to everyone. We know it isn't possible to please everyone, but we still have a few guidelines that we follow to be as welcoming as we can be. So to keep your thread on track and keep it from being removed please remember the items below:
    • Please make it somewhat readable. I don't feel like taking my virtual red pen to your thread so we don't get migraines just trying to read it. Remember, complete sentences, properly placed periods, small paragraph breaks, and a coherent point to your thread is a great idea.

    • Keep the thread on topic. If you're the thread author feel free to tell all the posters repeatedly to keep the thread on topic or you can request to have their post contribution deleted. If it's more than a few threads going off into different may be time to put your baby to rest. If you're contributing to a thread..don't be the jerk that makes it messy or makes the party train derail...not cool.

    • Don't be sensationalist. It's great to share your opinion or make some bold statement..but please, save it for the crappy newspapers that can't sell newspapers without any real significant contributions. If you want want to talk global warming, do your research. Don't make a statement like, "5 out of 6 people in the whole wide world said they saw George Bush speak and the hot air from his breath immediately melted a glacier in Alaska...honest like a ton of people saw it's true" Mama don't like statements stated as facts when they are very much not facts. If you state something as a fact..please do your research and add links behind your statements. The forumers will definitely call you out on it.

    • Properly name/label your your topic. If your topic is about Obama and McCain don't name your topic, "Let's Talk" it something like Obama|McCain Political Discussion or "Who will you nominate as US President and why?. Name it something descriptive, so when people do searches for such a topic, they don't end up making the same type of thread that already exists. I'll occasionally go through such topics and add an additional label of [Opinion|Discussion Topic] as an added tag so people understand the topic is opinion only and people are free to share deferring views on items..and that's ok no one should freak out. This also helps with searches when people are looking for such topics.
    • Be sensitive to others opinions and feelings. Do not post about topics bashing anyone's country ie USA, UK, Australia, so on. Do not post bashing anyone's culture or religion. Do not bash individual companies that we may or may not partner with or that sponsor us, or that many of our members may work for such as Microsoft, Ubisoft, Blizzard, Sony, Nintendo, EA, Dell, Alienware, Philips, Plantronics, so on. Do not bash other clans even if they are bashing us. We do appreciate a PM letting us know though. You can share suggestions and opinions, but when that crosses over to inappropriate bashing it will be removed. Topics mentioning the American Troops and the 9/11 tragedies(in any reference that is anything but respectful) will be removed. Respect what someone else may be going through or went through and we'll extend the same respect to you. Topics talking about the creation of our world; many people believe in the Big Bang Theory, many do not. Please do not make statements like, "This is how it was because this scientist said so or my dusty text book said so, so there". Just leave it at you believe that and they believe this, that's it.
    • Don't post a topic already posted. Please do a search beforehand to make sure a similar topic hasn't already been only takes a few seconds and it will warm this Gypsy's heart to know that you did a search.

    Thank you and happy posting and one more thing...

    Be a tattletale If you find a funky post that breaks any of the above please report it or send us a message via the contact us link on the bottom of the forums.

    -PMS Clan Inc Administration
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