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BF4 PS3 Scrimage

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  • BF4 PS3 Scrimage

    Once they get BF4 online all sorted, I am assuming there will be some issues. Can't think of a game release that hasn't. I would like to have a clan scrimage

    My clan is the 33rd Brigade

    I would like to play against the girls, girl myself. Maybe kick my guys butts

    Signing up for Gamebattles right now. Just trying to get a feel for how much interest.

    We have simular values and rules. Just feeling out if there is interest.

    PS. all my guys are very respectful otherwise I wouldnt wear the tags!

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    Re: BF4 PS3 Scrimage

    I think we can definitely arrange something once BF4 is out for a bit and everyone is settled in it.