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GAT vrs PMS and H20 Groundwar Domination

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  • GAT vrs PMS and H20 Groundwar Domination

    Clan name: GAT (get all three)
    Website: gatclan
    Ladder number: N/A
    Division challenged: N/A
    contact Info: xbox live- StrikeZone1000
    Gametype: Domination
    Game:Call of Duty Black Ops 2

    My name is StrikeZone I am a leading member of the clan GAT. I saw your post on the cod forums. I am here to ask for a friendly but competitive scrim game. We would like to challenge PMS and H20 to two separate clan scrims. I saw that this is not the preferred way to challenge your clan but as MLG and GB do not offer this format i would like to do it on your site.

    GAT is a Ground war domination clan, we would like to challage any and all other clans to a friendly but competive 9v9 domination scrimmege.
    If you would like to take up this challange then plz feel free to contact StrikeZone1000 (XBOX) or leave a comment below. To know what your getting your selves into you may view our twitch or youtube pages just search GATclan.

    *best 2of3
    * Your clan picks the first map
    *Loser picks the next map to play(original maps only, no nuke town), first map agree to by repersentives leaders.
    *No limitations on wepons, scorestreak, or tactics.
    *no glitching, cheating or lagging.
    *All members in the game have to have there clan tags up.
    *we may consider 6v6, 7v7, 8v8
    *Please do not ask to play other game types
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    Re: GAT vrs PMS and H20 Groundwar Domination

    Thank you for your time
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      Re: GAT vrs PMS and H20 Groundwar Domination

      i think i followed your procedure if not please let me know what i did wrong so i can correct my mistake...i think both of our clans would like to and enjoy this scrim. this would also be a great learning experiences.