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  • DSB vs. PMS


    My apologies in advance if I'm not following the correct procedures. I'm in Foreign Relations & I'm here to offer PMS a friendly clan battle on Halo 4. It can be a 4v4 or higher, best of 3 rounds, & any settings (AGL, v3, etc.) It would have to be scheduled in a weeks advance.

    Here's some info:

    Clan Name: Dropshock Brigade

    Ladder number and/or ladder clan page: N/A

    Division Challenged: Halo 4

    Game: Halo 4

    Contact Info: xbL GT - DSB Fresh
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    DSB Foreign Relations Director

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    Re: DSB vs. PMS

    So is this going to be ignored?
    DSB Foreign Relations Director


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      Re: DSB vs. PMS

      Originally posted by DSB Fresh View Post
      So is this going to be ignored?
      Try talking to PMS Corruption, she's the battles manager for the PMS Halo division, I think at this moment though they currently don't have any teams for a clan battle, but I know are in the process of getting a few running.


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        Re: DSB vs. PMS

        I will refer this to my Battles Manager, PMS Corruption and she will be in contact as soon as she can.

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          Re: DSB vs. PMS

          Thanks. I just sent her a msg on XBL so I'm sure we'll be able to discuss this soon.
          DSB Foreign Relations Director


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            Re: DSB vs. PMS

            PMS/H2O VS. Dropshock Brigade Results:

            Team Attendance:

            Dropshock Brigade (DSB):

            - DSB Venomous
            - ELE94
            - DSB Fresh
            - DSB Hectic

            PMS/H2O NA Halo Competitive Co-Ed Team: Completely Inappropriate

            - Numzi
            - Dink H2O
            - PMS Rainbwpanda
            - PMS Corruption
            - PMS Minx
            - ElektraFox PMS

            Time of Challenge:
            - On 4/16/2013, PMS/H2O faced DSB in a best of 3 in a 4 vs. 4 clan match.

            • The first match was Simplex V3: Team Slayer - PMS/H2O won with the final score of 50-35.
            • The second match was Haven: Extraction - PMS/H2O won with the final score of 5-1.

            PMS/H2O won the series!

            DSB fought well and displayed great sportsmanship. We look forward to playing them again in the future.
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              Re: DSB vs. PMS

              Good job, everyone. :}


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                Re: DSB vs. PMS

                awesome proud of our team <3u guys


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                  Re: DSB vs. PMS

                  nice! grats.

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