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Haven't heard from you guys in a while!

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  • Haven't heard from you guys in a while!

    I just got a message from one of my clan mates at [FUB] Teneight and he gave me a message from one of you.......

    alligator, was on pms/h2o and got a msg from rikisuma.

    from rikisuma via battlelog:

    Hey man! I am now the co-leader for the pms\h2o Bf3 division! If you want to do any events or scrims, just let me know!. We will be active on your server for here on out
    I send this to you cause i see you on the most

    thx. will forward to our coordinator

    So first things first lets get together in our server and hang out a while and join our vent and we will check out your team speak. wish we both had vent...Lol Anyway I hope chinbi is doing OK and what happen to him? It would be big fun if we could have that knifing event I told you all about....We call it the Last Man Standing. you donate 5 dollars to participate if your interested let me know. This event is for bf3! Hope to see you all in our server both PMS and H20.:mvagree:

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    Re: Haven't heard from you guys in a while!

    Thank you for responding That was me! I'll be sending you pm's or hopping into your vent to work stuff out.