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Hello Everyone! From your friends at [FUB]Clan

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  • Hello Everyone! From your friends at [FUB]Clan

    It's Alligator,

    Thought I would stop by and holla at you all because I haven't heard from anyone here in a while. What's up with Chinbi? Is he OK from that accident he had with the car?

    I missed you guys coming over and playing in the [FUB] BF3 server. We where going pretty strong last week. Some members having computer problems and real life issues so we haven't been able to scrim like we would like.

    I have an Idea for an event for BF3! Kick this around in your heads for a minute.

    BF3 map metro. We all spawn in with only Knifes. We have a designated fighting area which could be the area from the ticket office to the escalators behind the B flag.

    Then what we do is we knife each other down until only on person is left and we can discuss what kind of prize to offer if you have any ideas. We can get Olly over here at FUB to record and put on our and your U tube accounts!

    I think We could all get a blast out of this....Lmao..Lol let us hear from you.

    Gator :mvwave:

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    Re: Hello Everyone! From your friends at [FUB]Clan

    Sounds awesome! I'll let my members know. I haven't been really active lately, trying help run other stuff in the clan. Also I'm still recovering from my accident, lots of headaches and problems but I'm sorting them out. I'll make sure to talk to my division about this and get it set up. I'm going to assign a community manager soon to make sure we get in touch sooner. Thanks and I hope to talk to you soon Alligator!

    ♥My lil bro Snaze H2O & big sis KTNPWNS PMS♥
    ♥Much love to PMS Cool Queenie and PMS Mixie

    Many thanks to PMS Neekasa and PMS Kawaii for the awesome sigs