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  • Me Again :P

    So i dont know about the word challenge. but my clan is always looking for some people to play with.

    Assassins creed mostly but halo on the xbox side and MW on the ps3 side so if any of you are interested in some freindly matches come one over and let us know.

    we are The Reckoners.
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    Re: Me Again :P

    I tried getting a hold of you guys on your forums to set up some possible GB types of scrimmages on MW3 for the PS3 but I keep on getting errors. So if you read this can you please get a hold of me? I will keep trying on my end.
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      Re: Me Again :P

      hey ya i saw you on there. after you register one of our mods have to activate you i will check and make sure that they do that. sorry i should have said something about the process lol

      also i will inform our MW3 crew of your interest. when you get back feel free to post it up yourself if you like.

      i think i am going to post a thread telling the rest of the clan that doesnt know to watch for you guys showing up.


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        Re: Me Again :P

        I figured I'd come by and introduce myself too. I'm Kaiyoto, one of the co-leaders of the Reckoners. We'd definately love to get some friendly matches with you guys. We've got a few people on the PS3 that play MW3 and I believe Dartherex has it on the Xbox. Our peeps on the Xbox are looking for Halo matches as well. We are primarily an Assassin's Creed Multiplayer clan but since the Revelations multiplayer was a failure we are branching out to other games while we are waiting for the next installment. I'm always looking for better ways to improve The Reckoners so I hope that I can learn a thing or two from you guys. We certainly don't have 2000 members, we prefer to keep things small and tightly knit, but we're friendly and we try not to be too serious.

        I have approved your account in your forum, PMS sittin_snail. Anybody is welcome to come over. Either I or one of the other admins usually approves accounts with in 24 hours. We just do that so we don't have spam bots registering at our forums.

        PSN/Gamertag: Kaiyoto//Clan Leader//Twitter:Kaiyoto
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          Re: Me Again :P

          i was hoping for more people interested in some freindlies...