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COD BO 1v1 Challenge (Xbox 360)

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  • COD BO 1v1 Challenge (Xbox 360)

    Hello, I've been bored of COD lately so am throwing a challenge out there to ANY
    H2O or PMS members.(casual right also can apply) To a 1V1 (core) best two out of three.The maps will be nuke town & firing range game modes will be TDM,S&D,Domination, or Demolition. First match you can pick the game mode or map not both.Second match loser picks the game mode and map.For the tie breaker who ever won the second match will pick game mode and map.Rules:NO Secondary Launchers NO Grenade LauncherNO Equipment(claymore c4 etc.) all perks allowed. Kill streaks will be off. (Radar will always be on unless you want to turn it off its up too you really)
    game mode rules will be here: http://gamebattles.majorleaguegaming.../singles/rules Game recording will be on.Message my gamer tag killerthq what time you want too play or post on the thread. the results of the match will be posted on the thread.Good luck too everyone!

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    Re: COD BO 1v1 Challenge (Xbox 360)

    Excellent forum, good management,Hope you have good luck every day, every day fun
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      Re: COD BO 1v1 Challenge (Xbox 360)

      Wait, if the loser picks round two and if its a tie the winner picks round three, wouldn't that be the same person no matter what?
      :mvpmsh2o: Much <333 to my PMS, Victory PMS!!! :mvpmsh2o: