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CTG Challenges PMS, Halo: Reach

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  • CTG Challenges PMS, Halo: Reach

    Hey there, congratulations on getting your Humpday challenge from Bungie! I just read the update and was so excited to see they played another community team.

    I would like to extend another challenge from a severely less known gaming community lol. I represent Closing Time Gaming, CTG, and we would like to get some matches in against some larger well known clans so as to expand our networking throughout the Reach community. Some other notable clans we've been discussing with are ExO Delta and HypedGaming-Infernos..just so you don't think I'm bullshitting you haha.

    Anyway, we can go 4's, 6's, or 8's or anything in between really; we focus on BTB Slayer, BTB Objective, Invasion, and MLG games.

    I'll check up on this thread as much as I can. Feel free to contact me by XBL, email in my profile, or on our forum at

    I look forward to hearing from you soon,

    CTG Field Operative
    Team Captain/Competitive Coordinator

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    Re: CTG Challenges PMS, Halo: Reach

    Hey! We'd love to get together and talk about setting up a mixer with you guys! PMS Stargirl and myself are the community mangers for our Halo division and we'll be in contact with you shortly!!

    Looking forward to setting something up!

    ♥PMS Erratica, PMS Twitch, PMS Lexie, PMS Azula♥