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Match and Posting Rules: READ BEFORE POSTING!

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  • Match and Posting Rules: READ BEFORE POSTING!

    Match/Posting Rules

    No cursing, no sexist remarks, no typing IN ALL CAPS, and please use a spell check for everyone’s sake.

    2.Repeat threads/posts:
    Only one post and thread is necessary to get the point across. So no excess posts titled, “ANYBODY” or “PRETTY PLEASE”.

    3.Previous matches: If you want a rematch, post like above and state that you want a rematch, and that’s it. No stats or anything else is necessary; your request will still need to be reviewed.

    4.Previous Decline: If your request was previously declined, our leader should have given you a reason why it was declined and any possible solution that would allow a match. If there is no solution, please accept our leader’s decision. Any continued public challenge requests will be removed from the forum.

    5.Forfeits: If you can no longer do the match and have officially requested one on the ladder, it will be up to the division leaders discretion to ask for a forfeit or a reschedule. We understand when you don’t have enough teammates; someone is lagging, is sick, or just can’t make it. If you’re request was pending and not officially accepted, just update your post or contact the leader of that division and we’ll close the thread.

    6.Match decorum: Please act with respect to everyone during the clan match, and we’ll of course extend the same courtesy to you. Our tradition after every match no matter how it turns out is to say “good game”, you don’t have to return the gesture, but it would be nice.

    7.Match experience: If any of our clan members acts in an offensive or disrespectful manner, please let us know. Do not make a public post all over our forums, that’s unnecessary, and shows us you just want to create drama. We our serious about our commitment to good sportsmanship. So if you have a bad experience during any clan match please let our leaders know by contacting us as soon as possible.

    If we win or lose, one thing we always look forward to is a game well played and the ability to learn from others. Some of our best skirmish partners have come through clan matches. We look forward to seeing you on the battle field and remember to have fun!

    PMS & H2O...More than a name and what YOU make it!