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Challenge Procedures: READ BEFORE POSTING!

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  • Challenge Procedures: READ BEFORE POSTING!

    These are the official ladders we currently use for our divisions:
    Game Battles
    Team Compete
    Elite Combat Challenge our PC Division)

    You can request a match directly on their site but you have to be registered along with your team. You can also request a match right here on our site, but our leaders will just direct you back to the ladder to officially challenge us. If you have questions on how to register our leaders will try to help, but we suggest you talk to the admins of the ladder sites if you’re having trouble registering.

    After posting, our leaders will review, approve, or decline the request (with a private message to the poster of why it was declined). Please give us at least a week to go through challenges and review requests.

    How you act in our forums, is a big part of the review process, so please act with decorum and we will extend to same courtesy to you.

    If this form is not followed as is, your request will remain unanswered. Please make sure you are only posting in the competitive section for RANKED/SCORED matches. That means they actually count on a ladder. If you just want to skirmish or play for brag rights post in the Friendly Challenges section.

    Members, PMS, and H20, please refrain from posting/spamming in a challenge request unless you are a leader/staff of the division challenged or you help set up matches for your division.

    Thank You!

    Make sure to make your own thread for a challenge. Do not make a challenge in somone else's thread. Also make the thread title as clear as possible so we know what division you are challenging.

    Please post the following:

    Clan Name:

    Link to website(if one is available):

    Ladder number and/or ladder clan page:

    Division Challenged:


    Contact Info:
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