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Clan Scrims? FUF vs PMS or FUF vs H20

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  • Clan Scrims? FUF vs PMS or FUF vs H20

    Good Morning Gamers,
    I am looking for teams to play my clan, Fearless Under Fire. We play Black Ops 3 on Xbox One. We are looking for practice but we also want to have a good time! I know my team could use some good competition. If you accept my challenge, please get back to me on here or on twitter (@oWARoANGELo). I have read your rules and I can promise my team will behave themselves. We would be honored to play against PMS or H20. Thank you and I look forward to hearing back from you!

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    Hey FUF WarAngel

    I already told She Wolf PMS and WildcatFlo PMS to be on the lookout for your post, they'll probably send you a PM about it, so keep your eye out!

    ❤ Jenga
    @PMSJenga | Twitch | Tumblr
    Much <3 to my Sista's, Team Turkey, & my Panda!


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      I never heard back from She Wolf or Wildcat. I'd love to set up something against your clan. I think it would be fun and great practice for my team. Please message me back on here or preferably on Xbox (GT: FUF WarAngel). Thank you!


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        FUF WarAngel apologies for missing this. I thought I had replied quite some time ago. We would love to meet up with your clan for some fun and competitive gaming. I will send you a PM So we can get something set up with Our Division's Community Manager, PMS Tempest.
        WildcatFlo PMS
        PMS|H2O Call of Duty Xbox Division Leader