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Questionnaire for the Rainbow 6: Siege ESL team

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  • Questionnaire for the Rainbow 6: Siege ESL team

    First, thank all of you for taking the time to fill this out. I believe this is going to help us get prepped for ESL, and hopefully learn something new about not only our own, but our team mate's playing styles.

    This forum will be broken down into 4 sections, the last one being optional, and once you are finished you can post it as a reply. if you would prefer though, you can always send it to me as a message on XB1 (GT DreadDrGonzo) or message me there and i will send you an email address.
    Thanks Again!!

    Operator Preferences
    1. ​​​​​​​If you could pick 2 operators (2 attackers and 2 Defenders) that you feel most comfortable with, who would you pick and why?
    2. On those operators, what is your preferred load out? Please include Primary weapon, attachments, and also the secondary gadget you can choose. (Nitro Cell/Barbed wire)
    3. Now, if you could only pick 1 attacker and 1 defender to use from the ones you chose above, who do you pick?
    4. Are there any operators that you prefer to never run?
    Play Style

    Please place a {X} in the { } next to the play style(s) that best suits you. (MAX 2)
    (Operators listed are just examples and are not requirements for that certain play style, Disruption being the only exception)

    Point { }
    ​​​​​​The first one in the objective room. Main goal is to distract by being a bullet sponge, but also to use that vantage point to make call outs to your team so the counter can be planned.
    EX: Montagne, Blitz, BlackBeard, Recruit shield

    Disruption { }
    ​​​This player destroys any electrical gadget the enemy team may place to slow you down, take you out, or completely shut down an entry point. Best paired with Breachers until equipment is destroyed, and then can assist other players like Clearing or Point.
    EX: Twitch, Thatcher, I.Q

    Clearing { }
    The one Clearing usually runs solo, BUT keeps good communication going with the rest of the team. These players can help flush enemies out of a specific room, or even a bomb site. This can force enemies to run out in the open, allowing your team to take them out. Using call outs, the team can help the Clearing player find a group of enemies to clear using anything from a cluster charge, locking down a hallway to the objective using Glaz, or as simple as a recruit with a smoke grenade/grenade and a powerful rifle.
    EX: Fuze, Glaz, Buck

    Breaching { }
    Breaching can be achieved by taking a breach charge with multiple operators, but a few stand out. These operators can work with the other breachers and team mates to open multiple lines of sight within a few seconds. This not only give you more opportunities to land a shot, but if they are like everyone else, having the room explode around them in a match will be terrifying, and the mental aspect to this game shines

    Map Preference

    Place a {X} in your top 2 favorite maps, and a {O} by your 2 least favorites. SEASON 1 AND 2 MAPS EXCLUDED

    House { }
    Kanal { }
    Kafe Dostoyevsky { }
    Hereford Base { }
    Club House { }
    Bank { }
    Chalet { }
    Bank { }
    Oregon { }
    Presidential Plane { }


    If there are any suggestions you have on how we practice for ESL, communications, or anything related to the team or practice sessions, please let me know here.
    This is a group effort and I want everyone to feel free to share their opinion on how we can grow as a team.

    When the going gets weird, the weird turn professional.

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    And if any other members are interested in the competition, we still need at least one more to make a full team. Let me know if you're interested

    When the going gets weird, the weird turn professional.


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      My 2 attackers are 1. Thermite; His load out are; Primary- 556xiRflex with a reflex sight, Flash hider, vertical and laser. Secondary- M45 Meusoc with a suppressor and laser. Gadget- Breaching charge. 2. Blitz; His load outs are; Primary- Shield. Secondary- P12 with a laser. Favorite Thermite. I can work good with him. I can take down walls that are barricaded in bomb, secure areas and hostage mode. I use him as my primary character. with Blitz, I can go in first making sure camera's are down and corners are clear.

      My 2 Defenders are 1. Mute; His load outs are; Primary-M590A1 with a Reflex sight and a laser. Secondary- P226 Mk 25 with a suppressor and laser. Gadget- Nitro.
      2. Castle: His load outs are; Primary- M1014 with a red dot and laser. Secondary- 5.7 USG Just a laser.
      Favorite Mute. With mute I can choose to jam incoming drones to jamming doors, walls, windows and any lethal incoming. Castle- His good in barricading windows and doors especially in hostage mode. Making the attackers question where to enter from.

      I would not run Rook.

      House {x}
      Kanal {X}
      Kafe Dostoyevsky {x}
      Hereford Base {X}
      Club House {x}
      Bank {x}
      Chalet {O}
      Bank {x}
      Oregon {X}
      Presidential Plane {x}

      R.I.P saLty H2O
      [COLOR=rgb(255,105,180)]Shout out to my fam; Cookie, Killerella, Krays, Ariiez, Hoov and Vally[/COLOR]


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        really onteresting