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Extra-Life 2014 ϟ 72 Hour Livestream!

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  • Extra-Life 2014 ϟ 72 Hour Livestream!

    Hey there, Ladies & Gents!

    Two years ago, in 2012, I first started participating in the Extra-Life Marathons for Children's Miracle Network. I had successfully completed my 24hour Livestream, though admittedly raised very little. Last year, 2013, I pushed myself for a 48hour Livestream, though, once again with little success..

    This year, I hope that changes. I will be putting my body through hell, by attempting an 72hour Marathon this year, on October 25th at Noon, Eastern Time; all in an attempt to raise money for the kiddos. After all, children are our future, and there are many families whom simply can not afford Hospital costs. So please, come pop into chat and show some love; even if you are unable to Donate, just showing up means a lot, and will help keep me going! :mvsmile:

    Want to Donate?
    Check out the Stream, please! :mvboogie:

    We'll be slaying on the PC Platform with some Counter-Strike, Call of Duty, Tera Online, Hearthstone, Chess, Minecraft, Spec Ops: The Line, Insurgency,
    Team Fortress 2, and many more!

    I have over 170 games, feel free to request one for me to play; before October 20th! See my games HERE
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    Re: Extra-Life 2014 ϟ 72 Hour Livestream!

    Also you should Hit up the Stream Team to be featured on the PMS Clan Twitch Channel in one of the time slots as well. contact either PMS Ayane Chan (PMS|H2O Streaming Director) and BlueJay PMS (PMS|H2O Streaming Co-Director). I believe they're looking for streamers as well.

    Extra-life 2015 Pixie PMS

    Blessed to have my Best Friend and SoulMate H2O Pan :mvlove: in my Life.