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PAX East 2013 Attendee List

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  • PAX East 2013 Attendee List

    So, I know Victory has already created a PAX East thread HERE with hotel info, meet-up plans, etc., but this thread will be strictly a list of who is going. Please don't discuss plans - use Victory's thread for that. All names are listed alphabetically without PMS/H2O attached. I also took the names from responses in Victory's thread, so please let me know if:
    - Your name is on the list and you're not going anymore, or
    - Your name isn't on the list and you're going

    If you have contact details you'd like to share - Twitter, email, etc - please reply and let me know, as well.

    Alright... here goes

    Agent Coke - PMS
    Aloma - PMS - @_aloma,, SMS/iMsg 5192129525
    Arthrag - H2O
    Atiyana - PMS
    Beautiifulstylez - PMS
    Betty - PMS - @Betty_PMS
    BiPoLar - PMS
    Blix - H2O
    Bubblegum - PMS
    Buckeye_Chick - PMS - @Buckeye_Chick
    CakeIsALie - H2O - @H2O_CAKEISALIE
    CeeCee - PMS
    Chaser - PMS
    Chel_Del - PMS - @PMSTrinityPS3
    Cortana Siffow - PMS - @CortanaV
    Cougar - PMS
    Dan_Vengence - user
    Dioscuri - PMS - @_Omega
    Divinity - user
    DominierenD - H2O
    DriftMonkey - H2O
    Dubnasty - H2O
    FemTastic - PMS
    Flixxy - PMS - @FlixxyPMS
    Foxeh - PMS
    Freemann - H2O - @IamFreemann
    Fujibayashi - user
    Gemini - PMS
    Goosechecka - PMS
    Guerin247 - H2O
    Implicit - H2O
    Indecisive - PMS
    JuicnPeachez - PMS
    JusAGirl - PMS
    Kiwi - PMS - @natalie_MKH
    Krays - PMS
    KtnPwns - PMS - @ktnpwns_pms
    Lady Eve - PMS
    Lady_Sara - PMS
    Legendary - H2O - aka H2O Mango
    Lennon - H2O - @J3st3r360, FB: Zachary Jester Robinson
    LinkSmash - PMS - @LinkSmash
    Lumos - PMS - @PMSLumos
    Lynx - user
    Mango - H2O - aka H2O Legendary
    Mexican - H2O
    MsTactical - PMS - @PMS_MsTactical
    Ninja - H2O
    ObiJeff - H2O - @ObiJeffKenobi, iMsg 5084148337
    Ombria - PMS - @Cocolina
    Papa Bear - H2O
    Pinball - H2O - @oO_Loigc_Oo
    Poutyness - PMS
    PyroIceAngel - PMS - @PyroIceAngel
    Quantum - PMS
    Retro - H2O - @retro_h2o, [email protected]
    Ruby - PMS - @rubykavalier
    Sabbi - PMS
    SallGirl - user
    SeatownStriker - H2O
    Snaze - H2O - @The_Snaze
    Texidecimal - PMS
    Thraxta - H2O
    Too 1337 - H2O - @H2Otoo1337
    Trauma - H2O
    Vamp - PMS
    Vert - H2O
    Vertigo - PMS
    Victory - PMS - @Victoryoftheppl
    vSugaRv - PMS
    Wedge - PMS - @wedgewu
    Wingclipper - H2O
    Yeti - H2O
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    Re: PAX East 2013 Attendee List

    Twitter- J3st3r360
    FaceBook- Zachary Jester Robinson
    "They're all reactions! One thing begets the next. A man has a weakness, he's flawed. That flaw leads him to guilt. The guilt leads him to shame. The shame he compensates with pride and vanity. And when pride fails, despair takes over and they all lead to his destruction. It will become his fate... Something's gotta stop the flow."


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      Re: PAX East 2013 Attendee List

      Twitter @IamFreemann

      Love to my amazing PMS, PMS Paine
      My little bro H2O Blix, *Mybrute*
      Thanks to PMS_M0nkey for Sig
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        Re: PAX East 2013 Attendee List

        twitter: @retro_h2o
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          Re: PAX East 2013 Attendee List

          Aubie is actually not going anymore. PMS Bubblegum is, however, as is PMS JusAGurl.

          As for me, twitter: @rubykavalier
          BIG hearts: Lil Hoov --- LIL hearts: Vertigo, Postcrossed, & TiNkTiNk
          EXTRA hearts: Cougar, Foxeh, Lady Eve, Pony, & the Mod Squad
          SPECIAL hearts to my space captain, H2O Casper


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            Re: PAX East 2013 Attendee List

            H2O Thraxta is going and
            Divinity (user) is going

            BIG: BellaBlkyn LILS: MooMoo, Vertigo, ShakinSeeds
            PIC: BlackQueen. And <3 to my beast H2O Ironhide


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              Re: PAX East 2013 Attendee List

              Twitter: Victoryoftheppl

              Also, planning a mini tour with Aloma! Anyone want to join, hit the thread up here!
              Regardless of warnings, the future doesn't scare me at all...
              Big: JeepChick PMS | Betty PMS
              Lil: Cortana Siffow PMS | PMS Poptarts
              <3 My H2O: H2O OnTuesdays
              @Victoryoftheppl, CM @


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                Re: PAX East 2013 Attendee List

                Twitter ~ @PMS_MsTactical
                Shout out to my Big: PMS Kiwi
                Shout out to My Lil and Bestie: PMS Gentlest Star
                :mvlove: My Hubby H2O To 1337
                Thank you H2O To 1337 for the sig


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                  Re: PAX East 2013 Attendee List



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                    Re: PAX East 2013 Attendee List

                    Read my stuff on Nerdistdotcom!


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                      Re: PAX East 2013 Attendee List

                      Oh! I didn't add my Twitter: @CortanaV
                      Just tell me that you're PMS or H2O and I will follow back.
                      °˖ ✧Test Maven for Bungie✧˖ °


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                        Re: PAX East 2013 Attendee List

                        My twitter is @Buckeye_Chick

                        PMS Beautiifulstylez
                        PMS Chel_Del ---- @PMSTrinityPS3
                        PMS vSugaRv
                        PMS Lady_Sara
                        PMS Gemini
                        PMS Texidecimal
                        PMS Krays
                        Wingclipper H2O
                        H2O Pinball ---- @oO_Loigc_Oo
                        H2O Vert

                        Are all going as well
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                        My spell check has fallen off the face of the earth!! Missing persons aleart If you see Hatemaker direct her to the nearest PC & tell her to say hi to a mofo....:mvsad: Update: Hatemaker is no longer missing :mvboogie:
                        Pax East 2014 or Bust!!! :mvpmsh2o:
                        Big: PMS Bchick, Little: PMS Hatemaker, PMS HappyHaze, PMS Death H2O: Major-Pwnage


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                          Re: PAX East 2013 Attendee List

                          @H2Otoo1337 - Twitter

                          H2O Mango changed his name to H2O legendary so hes on there twice as well,
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                            Re: PAX East 2013 Attendee List


                            mr. gobbles isn't going, I bought his ticket


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                              Re: PAX East 2013 Attendee List