Check out this nifty information on how to post and submit events!

~ Outside Organization or Company

We take pride in offering our community up-to-date information on gaming events. This is a general area for people to post upcoming tournaments or gaming events around the communities. All events will be reviewed by our administrators, and we reserve the right to remove any events posted for any reason.

Please post titles of events with Name of Event, Date, and first location like so for easy reading:

"CPL 2006 Championship: Dec 16th-20th [First Event City Goes Here]"

Thank you!

Also, please keep it as organized and tidy as possible so people are clear of dates, locations, and title of the event before they even click on your thread.

If you would like to collaborate with PMS Clan in a community-wide event you should pm to the following:

PMS|H2O Clan Leader(s):
RaylaDevine PMS
Ovaryacting PMS

PMS|H2O Community Engagement Team:
Rabbit PMS (Community Director)
Deuces56 H2O

PMS|H2O Stream Team Manager:
Eviljak PMS

PMS|H2O Social Manager:

~ For Divisions and Clan Members

Have an idea for a clan wide community event? Want easy and free publicity for your division to increase member count? Has your division already planned an event and you want to expand it to more people?

Please submit your event idea(s) to Rabbit PMS via this form.

All events will be read and reviewed by the Community Engagement Team. Please be as specific in details as you can! We encourage you to submit as many ideas possible.

The Fine Print:
  • The Community Engagements team reserves the right to alter an event as necessary to optimize it for the community. This will be done in coordination with the division/generals/etc as applicable.
  • All registered users are allowed and encouraged to attend community events. If you want your event to be limited to clan members only, consider doing a smaller event within your division.
  • Please only post events (Competitions, Tournaments, Industry) that are dated and will happen. Do not post advertising for your LAN or favorite LAN if they are not having a tournament or competition. Do not post that it would be cool to challenge PMS in this section.