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PMS|ALLY Team Fight Tactics Tournament

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  • PMS|ALLY Team Fight Tactics Tournament

    TFT Tournament (2).png

    Greetings Summoners,

    Here to announce our second Team Fight Tactics tournament!

    This tournaments prizes are themed around the Guardians of the "Rift"!

    • Pulsefire Ezrael (Ultimate Skin)
    • Star Guardian Ahri (Legendary Skin)
    • Star Guardian Jinx (Legendary Skin)
    • Star Guardian 2019 Icon
    • Star Guardian 2019 Ward

    • Star Guardian Xayah (Legendary Skin)
    • Star Guardian Lulu
    • Star Guardian 2019 Ward

    Second runner-up
    • Star Guardian Lux
    • Star Guardian 2019 Ward

    If you place in the top three of this tournament and currently own a skin listed in the tier you place, that skin will be replaced with a Mystery Skin.

    If you place in the top three of this tournament and don't own the champion for a skin of the listed tier you place, that skin will be replaced with a Mystery Champion.

    Sign up in this thread below with your Summoner Name if you're interested in partaking in this tournament. Sign ups close Monday, September 14th, 2020 at 9:30pm Eastern Standard Time.

    Tournament participants

    1. Callisto H2O -
    2. H2O Happydude - H2OHappydude
    3. H2O HugsNKisses - xHugsNKisses
    4. H2O Ironhide -
    5. H2O Steve -
    6. H2O Techno -
    7. KryptiqGhost - KryptiqGhost
    8. Reo Yureimx007 H2O - Sumireko Usami
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    PMS|ALLY Team Fight Tactics Format Overview

    Our Team Fight Tactics tournaments are based on a point system in rounds of three to four dependent on the amount of participants each end of season.
    1. Three to eight participants
    Tournament will be played in one lobby of three rounds using the point system below.
    1. Nine or more participants
    Participants will be split into two even lobbies and play one round. Top four from each lobby will advance to finals.

    Final lobby will play three rounds using the point system below.
    • Point System
    Points are acquired and tallied dependent on your end placement for each round. The individual with the most accumulated points after three rounds wins.
    1. Winner - 10 points
    2. Runner-up 8 points
    3. Second runner-up - 6 points
    4. 4th place - 4 points
    5. 5th place - 3 points
    6. 6th place - 2 points
    7. 7th place - 1 point
    8. Last place - 0 points


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      sign me up summoner name is sumireko usami

      Time passes we grow but some just get wiser


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        H2OHappydude I'm in!!


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          Me too!~

          *H2O HugsNKisses* *H2O Mad Dog*
          Rabbit | Canadian | MightyGunz | Mercy | Reikura | Ratchet
          Trouble Makers: Ironhide , Snowbunnie , Techno , Clovir


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            I'm in!

            Signature credit to Chaser :mvboogie:


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              I'm in


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                My friends are interested in playing, but they aren't in the guild yet. Would it be cool if they come in?


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                  Heya folks! Happydude's friend here. IGN is also KryptiqGhost. I'll be happy to compete!


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                    Sign me up!
                    Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat


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                      Final placements for this TFT season's tournament.

                      1st. H2O Steve - 30 points
                      2nd. Callisto H2O - 18 points
                      3rd. KryptiqGhost - 17 points
                      4th. H2O Ironhide - 14 points
                      5th. H2O Happydude - 8 points
                      6th. H2O Techno / Rei Yureimx007 - 7 points
                      8th. H2O HugsNKisses - 1 point