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Gears of War 4 2v2 Farewell Tournament

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  • H2O Insane
    We have to get another one together soon... I need redemption!

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  • Insan3Michael
    I will team with h20 insane but I will be at the funeral and it will finish at 5 so hopefully I can make it

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  • Viper PMS
    My daughter and I have an unexpected issue for Saturday. Sorry! Please remove our team from the roster.

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  • Bobsled
    Team Name: Slugs
    Angie & Bobsled

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  • WildcatFlo PMS
    Team Name: It Takes Two
    WildcatFlo PMS (WildcatFlo) and H2O Kizzle ( II M Kizzle II)
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  • BeyondSulz
    Team name: SigmaPi
    Aly PMS
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  • PMS Turtles
    Team: Gibblettes
    PMS Turtles and Gibb de Fibb

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  • Chrispekreme
    Team: ebony and ivory
    Left Side. Chrispekreme
    Strong Side. Sacredfiretai
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  • H2O Insane
    Team U no0b!
    "ME" Insane Sh0T
    "You" Equinox Jr. H2O
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  • Viper PMS
    Team name: Aurors
    Viper PMS
    Mercy PMS

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  • Bobsled
    started a topic Gears of War 4 2v2 Farewell Tournament

    Gears of War 4 2v2 Farewell Tournament

    Hey everyone!

    Gears 5 is right around the corner, with its release date being September 10th, and we will be hosting a 2v2 tournament on Saturday, August 31st at 3pm to say farewell to Gears 4!

    The tournament will be streamed on the PMS Twitch channel and is open to all active members, casuals, and recruits! Gears 4 is also free with Xbox Live Gold until the end of August, so no purchase is required!

    Grab a partner and come join us for some fun competition!


    1st place prize: $10 Microsoft Card to each member of the winning team!

    Format: Double Elimination

    Settings are as follows:

    Game Mode:


    Game Options:

    Fill with Bots: OFF
    Bot Difficulty: Casual
    Rounds to win: 5
    Round Time Limit: 5 minutes
    Classic Stalemates: ON
    DBNO Time: 15
    Friendly Fire: ON
    Weapon Respawns: After Pickup
    Weapon Tuning: Competitive
    Gnasher Only: OFF

    Please post your team name and members below!
    1st Place Ebony and Ivory
    2nd Place Slugs

    Special Thanks to all participants.

    Aly PMS (Aly PMS) Competitor
    BeyondSulz (BeyondSulz) Competitor
    Bobsled (SgtDeath) Competitor / Castor
    Chrispekreme (Chrispekreme) Competitor
    Equinox Jr H2O Competitor
    EVILJAK PMS (eviljak) Castor/ Host
    H2O Ally (Lieutenant Ai) Castor
    H2O Insane (Insane Sh0ts) Competitor
    H2O Kizzle (II M Kizzle II) Competitor /Castor
    H2O Sacred Durag (SACREDFIRETAI) Competitor
    PMS Chickadee Competitor
    PMS Angelina Competitor
    WildcatFlo PMS Competitor / Castor

    ebony and ivory - H2O Sacred Durag & Chrispekreme
    SigmaPi - BeyondSulz & Aly PMS
    Slugs - Angie & Bobsled
    U No0b - H2O Insane & Equinox Jr H2O
    It Takes Two - WildcatFlo PMS & H2O Kizzle
    Last edited by EVILJAK PMS; 09-01-2019, 08:01 AM.