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PMS|H2O CoD 2v2 Core Tournament

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  • PMS|H2O CoD 2v2 Core Tournament

    Call of Duty - 2v2 Tournament
    Saturday July 21st
    (WW2 on Xbox)

    Teams & Eligibility

    Teams are made up of 2 clan members

    Deadline to sign up will be at 5pm et Saturday July 21 2018. So please sign up and let’s have fun!

    Participants must be active members of the PMS|H2O clan, casual members of the PMS|H2O clan, or active recruits of the PMS|H2O clan.

    All gamertags on the team must be valid, and legitimately owned by the user.

    To participate in the tournament, you must sign up on the forums here

    Reply below with all member names and gamertags associated.

    You can sign up as a Free Agent.


    Your team must agree to adhere to the PMS|H2O rules as stated in the Handbook throughout the tournament, including but not limited to all practice and streaming rules.

    Anyone in violation of the rules as stated in the PMS|H2O handbook will automatically forfeit their position and their team’s position in the tournament.



    Ranked Restrictions apply to all class setups.

    No killstreaks will be allowed.

    Tournament will be single or double elimination depending on how many teams sign up.

    Heat 1 will be Kill Confirmed on London Docks. Heat 2 will be Capture the Flag on a Flak Towers. Heat 3 will be TDM on Ardennes Forrest. Heat 4 will be HP on Gibraltar.

    Score limit will be depending on number of participants.

    If the result of a game is a tie, that map and gametype will be played again with the same settings.

    Round Terms and Assignments will be communicated on the forums, with a bracket live

    Each match will be streamed live, and the winners from each match can follow along on the Twitch until they are invited back into the lobby for their next match.


    Winning team takes all.

    Prizes to be determined based on number of teams, interest, and other applicable clan rules.

    More details to follow.
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    “I see walking bombs on the street
    Hearts not beating, but ticking”

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    “I see walking bombs on the street
    Hearts not beating, but ticking”


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      Cereal Killers
      1. Sollan1
      2. OfSeaAndSpace


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        Cloud And Friends
        1. Cloudedtalent
        2. She's not good


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          5 Layer burrito, Chicken quesadilla, and a Baja blast.
          1.PMS Reckless
          2.H2O iNFiNiTYx
          Much love and respect to my PMS SHES NOT GOOD


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            Team Cloud and Friends 2
            itachi (Mr Smoke 44)
            elmatakabron (Aksi Deidara)


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              "The real Cloud and Friends"
              Mr FluffyyPanda
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                Team Crunch and Munch
                Sissy Punch


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                  Toxic Storm
                  1. H2O Toxicflow
                  2. StormRushKCCO
                  “I see walking bombs on the street
                  Hearts not beating, but ticking”


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