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[Charity] Extra-Life 2018 Mega Thread!!

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  • [Charity] Extra-Life 2018 Mega Thread!!

    Attention PMS|H2O Community!

    It's that time of year again to "BE A HERO"!

    We are encouraging all gamers from all platforms to unite and participate in the Extra Life Game-Day Charity event on NOVEMBER 3rd!

    Extra Life is a fundraising event for children that was started in 2008 where gamers stream for charity. All proceeds go directly to support the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. The majority of gamers who stream try to go for a full 24 hours, often giving away prizes or doing crazy things, all for the kids! This year, the PMS|H2O members are back to fundraise again. So, how can you help out?
    Join the PMS|H2O Clan Team and fundraise alongside your clan members or spread the word! You can participate or donate to an individual or directly to the team page

    The team is open to everyone! Members, Casuals, Recruits and even Community Members, we really mean EVERYONE, is invited to join us! If you choose to participate, you can play any game, on any platform.

    When raising money for the charity, please ask not only members of the gaming community but family and friends to help donate money for a great cause. All the money you raise will stay at the Children's Miracle Network Hospital of your choice.

    Be sure to check the forums as the Community Engagements team will be releasing more info on the event as we get closer to the date.

    Participant FAQ

    When Does Extra Life Start?
    Extra Life begins at exactly 8 am in your local time zone on Saturday, November 3rd, and ends at 8 am on Sunday, November 4th.

    What if I can’t commit to that date or the entire time?
    The idea and spirit of Extra Life is that everyone pulls together at the same time, but we know that’s not going to be possible for everyone. Don’t let a commitment on the 3rd stop you from joining. If the scheduled event does not fit your schedule, you can do Extra Life whenever it's convenient for you. Some even break it into two segments. The most important thing is you participate!

    What countries can participate and raise money?
    Extra Life is open to EVERY country and the money you raise is directed to the Children’s Miracle Network Hospital you select during registration.

    What games can I play?
    All games. Any platform, handheld devices, broad games to outside sports, anything as long as your playing.

    Who do I ask for donations?
    Ask your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, anyone in your local community and of course the gaming community! Ask everyone! We are inspired to make miracles happen for kids. We can't reach our goal without the support of our communities.

    When will the PMS|H2O Live Stream begin?
    The PMS|H2O Live Event will start on November 3rd. A schedule for the events will be posted closer to the date.

    Donation FAQ

    Is my donation tax refundable?
    Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. All donors will receive an IRS compliant tax receipt.

    How do I donate and where does the money go?
    Credit card donations may be made on a participant's fundraising page. Cash and check donations will be collected by participants and submitted to Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. All funds will be disbursed directly to the hospital selected during registration.

    Do I donate to an individual or the Team?
    You can donate to a single participant or our Team.

    Can I donate to myself if I am participating?
    Of course. Or, in the spirit of teamwork, you could also opt to DONATE to any one of our members.

    Promotional Tools

    Help Us by promoting!
    You can help us spread the word and PROMOTE! Share through your social media sites, at your work, school, in your Community.

    Important Links: Extra-Life Team Page:

    Image Links

    PMS|H2O Social Media pages:
    Twitter: @PMSClan

    Hashtags: #ExtraLifePMS

    If you have any questions or issues signing up please contact Community Engagement Staff Member:

    Ovaryacting PMS
    Rabbit PMS
    Deuces56 H2O
    Jenga PMS
    phelixia pms (Stream Team Manager)

    Thank you for your time, support, and participation.
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    Much love to H2O Camper & my clan sisters Jenga PMS, Ardroxian Rayne PMS & PMS Morgana!