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PMS|H2O Call of Duty - 4v4 Hardcore Tournament

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  • PMS|H2O Call of Duty - 4v4 Hardcore Tournament

    4v4 tournament.jpg

    Call of Duty - 4v4 Hardcore Tournament

    (WW2 on Xbox)

    Teams & Eligibility
    • Teams are made up of 4 clan members
      • Participants must be active members of the PMS|H2O clan, casual members of the PMS|H2O clan, or active recruits of the PMS|H2O clan.
      • All gamertags on the team must be valid, and legitimately owned by the user.
    • To participate in the tournament, you must sign up on the forums here.
      • Come up with a team name (must be appropriate) and include in your post below.
      • Reply below with all member names and gamertags associated.
      • You can sign up as a Free Agent, and you will be assigned a teammate if there are other available Free Agents (Free Agents will be assigned on a first come first serve basis).

    • Your team must agree to adhere to the PMS|H2O rules as stated in the Handbook throughout the tournament, including but not limited to all practice and streaming rules.
    • Anyone in violation of the rules as stated in the PMS|H2O handbook will automatically forfeit their position and their team’s position in the tournament.

    • Hardcore
    • Ranked Restrictions apply to all class setups.
    • No killstreaks will be allowed.
    • Tournament will be single or double elimination depending on how many teams sign up.
    • Heat 1 will be DOM on London Docks. Heat 2 will be Hardpoint on a Gibraltar, and heat 3 will be CTF on Saint Marie Du Monte Maps.
    • Score limit will be depending on number of participants.
    • If the result of a game is a tie, that map and gametype will be played again with the same settings.
    • Round Terms and Assignments will be communicated on the forums, with a bracket live HERE.
    • Each match will be streamed live, and the winners from each match can follow along on the Twitch until they are invited back into the lobby for their next match.

    • Winning team takes all.
    • Prizes to be determined based on number of teams, interest, and other applicable clan rules.
    • More details to follow.
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    Only 1 team member needs to make the sign up post.
    Please Post Accordingly..

    Team Name:
    Team Members:
    1 (Forum Name & Gamertag)


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      Team Name: Khaos
      Team Members:
      1. Elmatakabron(AKSI DEIDARA)
      2. ITACHI H20 (MR SMOKE 44)
      3. Dank Sinatra (FunkMa5terFrank)
      4. Kryptic XII


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        Team Name: ???
        Demon Devs
        H2O Xtreme (H20 Xtreme)
        PMS Sissy (Sissy Punch)
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          Team Name: Exiles
          1. Sollan1
          2. MythicPink PMS
          4.PMS Delirium


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            Team Name:
            1. PMS Fallen Ace (FALL3N ACE)
            2. Deuces56 H2O (Deuces56)
            3. StormRushKCCO

            CocoPuff Girl |TIGER|LiLy | H1gh Vltg | Cruella <3

            H2O Forever Cryptic <3


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              Team Name: Team XLNC
              Team Members:WildcatFlo PMS (WildcatFlo)PMS HornetsNest
              H2O iNFiNiTYx H2O ToxicFlow
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              WildcatFlo PMS
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                Team Name: Team Aimbot
                Team Members:
                1) H2O Nomad (NomadSRT4)
                2) Shes Not Good (Shes Not Good)
                3) Cloud (CloudedTalent)
                4) Rabbit PMS (Im Rabbit)